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Have you wondered where all your money goes?

Cash Flow Forecast

You have heard of the term "Cash is King" and this is a method by which any business can monitor the balance between a healthy cash position and achieving maximum profits.

The net cash flow budget for each quarter will give you guidance as to cash only transactions that will flow in and out of your business and determines if you have sufficient cash to meet your debts as they fall due.

Benefit: This projection will give you the knowledge of when bills will need to be paid and if there are sufficient funds to cover them. It will highlight those months when there is either an excess of funds (which could be moved to an interest bearing account) or when there is a shortfall (you may need to inject further funds from an overdraft facility or similar).

Start-Up Budget

Whether you are starting a new business from scratch, or wanting to branch off into another area of business, we can work with you to project monthly expenses and how much money you will need for those one off costs like equipment, stock and rental bonds.

Benefit: This budget will help you decide if and when you can afford to go ahead with your business idea.

Annual Profit Budget

Align Accounting can work with you to forecast income, expenses and profit over the year. This budget will tell you how much profit can be achieved from your projected sales. This will identify monthly or seasonal trends for sales and expenses. Noting, it does not reflect your cash position.

Benefit: This projection will provide you an overall profit position for the year. If the profit is too low you can then decide on a course of action. Budgeting lets you diagnose problems in advance.

Break-even Analysis

This has to be one of the most valuable tools for business owners. It should be put into place very early in your planning to assist in a successful business.

The analysis identifies the minimum sales level that needs to be achieved in order for your business to "Break-even". It helps identify the effect of the cost structure of your business. Align Accounting looks at fixed and variable costs and what value of sales is required to cover the costs.

Alternatively, we can test "what if" scenarios to see the impact of changes in prices and costs when you may want to invest in additional staff or equipment.

Benefit: This exercise will give you a sales or production cost target. We can also ascertain what is needed to reach your profit target.

Financial Analysis

Ratio analysis will give you a snapshot of the financial performance of your business. It can measure the ability of a business to meet its financial commitments, measure profitability, financial soundness and risk exposure.

Benefit: This analysis is used to compare your business to industry averages, identifies unfavourable trends and can help identify areas that need improvement.

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"Annette and her staff have provided excellent service in taxation and financial reporting for our family company and personal tax requirements.  Her accountancy services are professional and efficient with the use of modern accountancy tools whilst being available in person to discuss accounting issues.

I would recommend Annette and her team to any SME needing accounting services"

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